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Yabe an honest, innocent twit

Yabe and Miku's first meeting

"People Will Misunderstand."

Shinji Yabe (シンジ ヤベ ) is Miku's Dense, Oblivious, Home Economics teacher and Cooking Club instructor. He's very honest and innocent, making him the perfect play thing for Miku and her feelings and Gyaru ways.


Yabe is a very plain looking man. He has black unkempt hair and a simple face, which more times than not is blushing due to Miku's flirtatious ways. He usually wears his usual teacher attire consisting of a white collared shirt with a tie and pants with a belt. Even on outings he is still wearing his teacher attire.



Shinji Yabe is a Home Economics teacher who appears to be around his 20's. He honest and serious about his work, and always willing to help when needed. Hes Innocent and almost as dense as Miku, as he's completely oblivious to her feelings, and attempts to flirt with him. More times than not hes the victim of various Panty shots from Miku, which leave him flustered and correcting her. He's constantly reminding Miku of her boundaries and behavior as he wouldn't want other teachers, or the public to get the wrong idea about their relationship.