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Miku Okazaki thanking Yabe

"I'm Countin' on you, Yabecchi!"

Miku Okazaki(ミク オカザキ) is known as the "Gyaruest Girl in school." She's one of the main protagonists of the series.


Miku is a very pretty girl with tan skin, green eyes, and blond hair that reaches her forearms. She wears two hairpins in the bang that comes down between her eyes and sometimes ties her hair into a side ponytail with a green band. She has large breasts, often exposing a fair amount of cleavage with almost every outfit she wears. Only on very few occasions, will they be completely covered up. She wears red nail polish with white tips and designs on her nails such as flowers, diamonds, and hearts. Over the course of the manga, she's primarily seen in her white and green school uniform. As she starts going on various outings with Yabe and participating in school activities she wears different outfits in accordance with what the occasion might be. Miku is very attractive, often getting noticed by students and adults for her sexual appeal.


Miku is terrible at every subject in school and has continuously failed both her general classes and even make up classes. At the beginning of the manga she's ditzy, clumsy, seemingly lacking in common sense, has low self-esteem, and hates studying. She's known as "The Gyaruest Girl In School." Miku is obsessed with fashion, often working several part-time jobs throughout the series to pay for her gyaru lifestyle. Miku enjoys wearing skimpy clothes, as she does not care what others think of her as long as they look "cute". She'll often tease Yabe or try to elicit a response out of him with revealing clothing. She is often misjudged for being a Gyaru by her classmates, which causes other students to distance themselves. However, she's friendly, fun-loving, hardworking, and always willing to learn and try new things. Those who get to meet Miku soon realize that despite her being a gyaru, she is a genuinely wonderful girl. She is generally a happy go lucky girl, though at times she can be serious, especially when competing with other girls for Yabe's attention and affection. She is not afraid to display other emotions such as jealousy, whenever another woman comments or tries to get close to Yabe. She's also been shown to show a sensitive side, as she almost gave up on her goal of graduating in the first chapter upon failing to make cookies. Thanks to Yabe's encouragement and belief in her she was able to overcome her obstacle, causing her to fall in love with him.

As time goes on her grades continuously get better and she's more willing to study as she gets in touch with others, especially Koharu Fujiwara.

Miku is very serious about her love of Yabe, declaring other female characters close to Yabe her "rivals". She's often disappointed at Yabe's dense reactions when he isn't reacting to her romantic advances. Despite this she's very patient with him, waiting many years until he expresses romantic interest in her.


At the beginning of the story, Miku is a first-year high school student that is struggling to pass all her courses, to the point where the Principal warns her she will be held back. Since she already has tried taking supplemental exams and has failed, the Principal suggests that she bake her teacher's handmade cookies to appease them and have her pass the classes. This leads Miku to the home-ec class where Yabe teaches. She asks Yabe for help with baking cookies. At first, she fails to make edible cookies and is about to give up on her goal of graduating, but Yabe encourages her to try again. So she tries again and manages to bake good cookies. From then on she joins Yabe's newly founded cooking club.

After Miku successfully graduates she still keeps in touch with Yabe.

At the end of the series, after her 20th birthday, Miku and Yabe become a married couple, years later expecting a child.


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